Assistance with heating bills

Posted on: December 12th, 2011

The Georgia Public Service Commission has announced that approximately $10 million dollars in help will be available for up to 60,000 low income NATURAL GAS (not electric) households for heating bills. This includes individuals who are eligible for or are receiving the

senior gas discount program or low income customers who are in Group 1 with the Regulated Provider.

Please note that this funding is NOT the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program LIHEAP funding and applications will NOT be taken at the Community Action Programs who process LIHEAP applications will be credited to marketers who are in the Atlanta Gas Light system.

Persons age 65 and older who have a household income of $14,355 and low income customers who are in Group 1 with the Regulated Provider may be eligible for the

$160 bill credit. The Public Service Commission will be announcing next week how this funding will be credited to one’s account.

It is important that eligible seniors who have not signed up apply for this discount program with their marketer

The bill must be in the name of the senior who applies for the discount. Below is a listing of the Marketers and their numbers served through the Atlanta Gas Light System:

  • Commerce Energy: 866.587.8674
  • Coweta-Fayette EMC Natural Gas: 877.746.4362
  • Fireside Natural Gas: 866.517.0250
  • Gas South: 877.472 4932
  • Georgia Natural Gas 877.850.6200
  • Infinite Energy Inc. 877.483.4684
  • Mx Energy: 877.677.4355
  • Scana Energy 877.467.2262
  • Stream Energy 866.543.4642
  • Walton EMC Natural Gas 866.936.2427
  • Scana Energy Regulated Division 866.245.7742
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