12 Financial Resolutions for 2012

Posted on: January 13th, 2012
Recently, Forbes published , 12 Financial Resolutions for 2012, available online at http://www.forbes.com/sites/financialfinesse/2011/12/28/12-financial-resolutions-for-2012/.  According to this article there are 12 resolutions we should all make – and “plan your estate” is number two:
1.    Set goals;
2.    Plan your estate;
3.    Check your credit;
4.    See where your money is going;
5.    See where you can cut back;
6.    Make sure you have the right amount of insurance;
7.    Build an emergency fund;
8.    See if you can refinance your debt;
9.    Pay down bad debt;
10. Get on track for retirement;
11. Consider saving for education;
12. Make sure your investment portfolio is properly diversified.

Let us review your estate plan with you (or prepare one if you don't have one) and get the year off to the right start.

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