On this page, you will find special services for clients and information for those considering an attorney client relationship with Lovingood Law Firm, PC.

ClientDocx.  We want our clients to have access to all of their important documents from anywhere in the world and at anytime.  ClientDocx is where clients can access their legal documents and even upload other documents like brokerage statements, tax returns, insurance policies, etc.  Clients can even give their other professional advisors and other family members access to some or all of those documents.

Newsletters.  We offer two types of Newsletters.  Our hope is to help clients and their other advisers better understand issues to consider when clients want to protect their assets and control how and when those resources are used.  Sign up to receive future Newsletters or click to see Previous Newsletters.

Our Blog.  The right answer for one client might not work for another.  Client’s have different goals, risks, resources, and values.  Often, the answer is based more on personal preference or comfort than on a pure legal analysis.  We discuss many of those types of issues and options in Our Blog

Fee Payments.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover for client convenience through Online Payment.  We add a 4% convenience fee to credit card and debit card transactions.  Online Payment can be used to pay an initial retainer or to pay an invoice you received.

The Relationship.  At its core, an attorney client relationship is based on trust.  To start, the attorney must be able to freely represent the client and not have a conflict with other clients’ interests.  Further, an attorney must be able to commit time and resources to help each client.  Therefore, before a relationship exist, we invest upfront effort to make sure we understand who is the potential client, how will the relationship affect any other client, and consider the time and resources required.  We will also carefully consider if we have the proper expertise to actually provide the services needed or if we can find the expertise elsewhere when needed.  Therefore, please contact us so that we can properly explore whether our services will meet your needs.  If so, we will prepare an Engagement Agreement that will detail your expectations, the fee arrangements, and other information that you would expect to know.